White Damask Pillowcase Set
Boring bedroom – meet opulence with LateMornings’ 285 thread count damask sheets and bedding. Our 100% combed cotton damask woven sheets are created using century’s old milling and weaving techniques – starting with the best raw materials, and enhanced through modern technology. Our floral patterned damask bedding begins with exquisitely woven fabrics sourced from Italy’s renowned textile mills, and expertly manufactured into high quality luxury bedding in Romania. LateMornings brings you the ultimate in natural fiber sheets and bedding – and we never treat our products with chemical “anti-wrinkle” agents – better for you, better ..
$49.00 Ex Tax: $49.00
White Percale Pillowcase Set
A comfortable nights’ sleep begins with LateMornings’ 100% cotton percale sheets. Percale’s simple one-over-and-one-under weave produces a tightly woven sheet that’s durable, breathable – and oh-so-soft on the skin. Don’t let the thread count fool you. LateMornings’ honest, 200 thread count cotton percale sheets are dense, yet lightweight, with a soft, lustrous hand that improves with each washing. Perfect for hotter climates – or for those who sleep warm – our crisp cotton percale sheets make for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep. Manufactured and produced in Italy’s renowned textile mills, LateMornings’ cotton perca..
$39.00 Ex Tax: $39.00